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With children learning to ride at increasingly earlier ages and the technical progression of the bikes they ride, the transition from a single-speed bike to a geared bike is happening much sooner. This progression is amazing and something to be celebrated, but this progression often comes with an unnecessary challenge for both rider and parents alike. It’s commonplace to find adult shifters fitted to children’s bikes, a shifter never designed for smaller hands, with a shorter reach or even, for the rider who has no understanding of how to change gear at all. It is this difficulty that Sureshift aims to resolve.


Testimonial 1

Richard Sault,Salt Dog Cycling

“Teaching kids how and when to change gears can be far more difficult than teaching them how to ride a bike! Sure Shift helped the cognitive side of learning as much as the physical side of shortening the shift reach. With a bright coloured “thumbs easier” shifter my son picked up gear changing after only a couple of rides which really helped with the transition to his first big kids bike!”

Testimonial 2

Alannah Biggs,

“Changing gear is difficult for little hands as shifters are designed for adult hands, and it’s difficult for a child to be able to push the lever far enough to get that ‘click.’ Sureshift has made it easy for our little boy Jack to change gear confidently and in control, allowing him to learn when he needs to change up and down the gears, an essential part of enjoying cycling.”